Open Sourced HTML filtering utility for Java

This utility is a single class, HTMLFilter, which can be used to parse user-submitted input and sanitize it against potential cross site scripting attacks, malicious html, or simply badly formed html. This version, written in Java, is largely a translation of lib_filter, the original work of Cal Henderson written in PHP.

Combined with this code is a Test class for unit testing, designed to be executed in JUnit.

Processing HTML Input

Sample usage:

// retrieve input from user...
String input = ...
String clean = new HTMLInputFilter().filter( input );

There's also an example using constretto.

Building with maven

To include xss-html-filter into a maven built project add the following to your pom.xml (in the corresponding sections)

   <version>1.1</version> <!-- remember to check for newer versions -->

   <id>xss-html-filter releases</id>
   <name>xss-html-filter Releases Repository</name>


This code is licensed under a Lesser GNU version3 License. If you find any bugs, or have any suggestions on improvement, please report it.

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